Problem updating Go1 firmware

I was trying to update the Firmware of my robot with the files that were in the UnitreeUpdate/upload folder of the rasberry pi, but I accidentally deleted the files. So I went to the unitree download center, and there is only the software update folder.
Please I would appreciate if you could send me those files, it is on any GO1 rasberry. in the address /home/pi/UnitreeUpdate/upload.

thank you very much

We have those files archived on Slack in #go1firmware

I don’t think that specific file does much however. Looks like just the bootloader for the secondary STM32. That is not at all the go1 firmware package generally speaking.

Im sorry @gerardo.portilla, we checked our go1 and these files do not appear to be in our version. I would suggest to follow @d0tslash suggestion and install it via the archive!