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Openmanipulator X, Problems with Motor

Open manipulator x

I’m a student at the University of Hanover and we have a project about the Openmanipulator x with the XL430 motors. In this project, the Openmanipulator X robot is set up and put into operation using the instructions (OpenMANIPULATOR-X).

Unfortunately there are some problems:

The ID12 motor switches off after about 5 minutes of loading due to overheating.

The gripper arm does not support the “Current based Position Control Mode” function.

An integration into MoveIT and Gazebo is not possible with the instructions.

The whole system is not plug and play for the motors that were included with me. Is there a guide for the xl430-w250-t engines?

The anti-gravity mode (Gravity Compensation) is not possible, so there is a permanent inaccuracy, the motor thinks it is in position x, but it is in a different position.

I hope you can help me and solve our problems.


Hi Max,

thanks for your topic and sorry for having issues.

@Tahir @willson may you can assist?

Hi @Max

Due to the lower torque of the XL430 compare to the XM430, it may have more restrictions in operating conditions.
Usually the ID12 is the joint that demands a lot of torque in the entire system, it may suffer with overheating issue in case of running with XL430.

Also, the gripper is configured as Current based position control mode by default, but this can be easily configured as position control mode if torque control is not necessary.

The Gravity compensation example is underdeveloped as it is listed under the experimental feature so it may not run as smooth as expected.

Thank you.

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