No Connection to Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Board

Dear Community,

I work with a Unitree A1 robot, equipped with a Jetson Xavier NX and a Raspberry Pi, and encountered problems with connecting to the Jetson-Board.

With my current settings, the board ran properly for the last 2 months.
However, now, the following problems occur:

  1. no connection via SSH (WLAN or LAN) is possible, even though the robot’s WLAN/LAN works and I can connect to the Raspberry Pi with it.
  2. The Jetson board is not visible from the Raspberry Pi.
  3. connecting a HDMI cable to the corresponding plug does not deliver a signal. If I do the same with the Raspberry Pi, it works properly.

Seems like a hardware issue to me. Has anybody had similar problems?

Thank you for any help

Hi @QuadrupedUser1,

Could you please send a video of this issue? and the Robot ID as well!

The Robot ID is A1-1447.

I’m not sure what to include in the video.
If we connect the serial connection with the supplied USB-cable to check on the boot-loader, the nvidia board doesn’t transmit anything.
If you want something specific recorded on video let me know.

It would be sufficient to record the screen when trying to ssh and perhaps using the command nmap -sP 192.168.123.* to ensure that it is not available in the network furthermore, a video including connection via HDMI and null screen showing.

We tried both, the ssh connection and the network scan via nmap.
As expected, we receive the result below.
Since we could not upload a video, we uploaded a screenshot.
We hope, this is sufficient.

Note: is the raspberry pi, which is available.


Additionally, you can find a screenshot of the display, while failing to connect via HDMI:

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I’ll discuss this issue with Unitree guys and get back to you once we get some information.