[Nema 23] problem with stepper online motors connection

Hello everyone,

i v got everything connected to my blackbox x32,

stepper motor connected, i v got a sound but nothings going on,

My steppr motors are https://www.oyostepper.de/goods-77-Nema-23-Schrittmotor-Bipolar-269ozin-28A-57x57x76mm-4-Draht-Schrittmotor-23HS30-2804S.html

for z axis and 4 https://www.oyostepper.de/goods-1190-Nema-23-Schrittmotor-Bipolar-18-Grad-19-Nm-28A-32V-4-Drähte-2-Phasen-CNC-Schrittmotor.html

My connection is black green reb blue A+ A- b+ b-

Thanks in advance for any advice.