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Motor AK-8080 firmware

Dear mybotshop,
I am writing to inform you that I am having problems with the firmware update. I own an ak-8080 kv100 engine. The problem is that once the update has been carried out using the st-link utility software, and the update is successful, connecting the motor via USB to the PC does not get detected by CubeMarsTools and therefore I cannot configure it. How can I solve this problem? Could it be a firmware problem? The firmware on the motor is the CubeMars-AK-80-64, and the driver version is the 2.0.

Dear Rick,

thanks for your topic.

@Zainroid @Joy Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Rick
What firmware did you flashed into the Ak80-80 Kv100?
Why you need to reflash the firmware?

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