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Missing Potentiometer in DSC for RasPi

I have purchased the Dynamixel Servo Controller (DSC) for Raspberry Pi 3 B+. The instruction’s page asks to check the voltage that goes to RasPi from DSC. A potentiometer has to be tuned to adjust the voltage to 5.1V. But I do not find the potentiometer in the DSC board anywhere. I have attached a picture of the DSC board.
Does that mean there is a non-tunable voltage regulator in the DSC board

Dear Kumar, I’m sorry for the confusion. Your Board is a little bit newer, so we’ve used another step down module which is still setup correctly. Older Versions have a small potentiometer where the small black PCB is.

So I can directly plug the RasPi without worrying about the voltage. Right?

Yes, you can use it right away

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