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MightyZAP, 100 N, 30 mm no contact with the computer

No contact is made between the engine and the computer. No adjustment option and no movement of the motor despite the lights up of the LED on the motor.

Dear CTS,

thanks for opening a topic and I’m sorry for having issues.

May you could tell us which software Version are you using and could post a picture so we can check if everything is wired properly? Furthermore how you have powered the motor?

We packed everything up again, we operated it with 12 volts and we still have 3 of you that work great.

Software once MightyZapManager_2.4

and the second

Dear Sir or Madam,

thanks for your reply and I am sorry for the issue.

  • Did actuator show those symptoms right after opening from the box?
  • What is the production lot number? It can be found out the model name sticker on the actuator. (under the model name, there are 4~5 alphabet & digits)

It seems that the problematic actuator cannot be connected to the Manager software at this moment, right?
If LED is still blinking please supply 12V power, and try to do “Compulsory firmware update”. Please kindly follow below instruction. (Use Manager V3.0)

  • After connecting a single actuator, click “Connect” button for COM port.
  • Then, no need to click “Search”, just go to “Update” page and follow the same update process.
  • When update is started, you will see the message “Reconnect the power~…” then just reconnect the power as instructed.
  • Update will be resume. Wait until update is done.

Hope this will solve your issue and wish you a nice evening!

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