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Marvelmind Super Beacon 2 915-19k-IMU

Hi mybotshot team!

I have an issue with one of the 5x Super Beacons as part of the package. All configured via USB according to manual. 4x of them working as expected, but one fails.
USB connection is fine, same for all settings etc. Powerbank connected,. …
But: no radio connection at all to this beacon! LEDs (green blinking, but no connection or wake-up).
Set all radio freq. to 868MHz. What makes me worried is the carrierFreq (acc. to manual the real calculated) of the Beacon? All other show ~865MHz …
See below picture.

Can you help out?

Please try the following:

  1. Press ‘default’ button in dashboard when the problematic beacon is connected via USB. Beacon should reset settings to defaults, radio band should return to default “915 MHz”, and Carrier frequency should stay at 919.0 MHz (at channel 0). If you get 919 MHz carrier frequency, try switch to 868 MHz band

  2. If (1) doesn’t help and carrier frequency still have a strange value, try turn the beacon off by the dip switch, and turn on again after several seconds. Check the ‘Carrier frequency’ in the dashboard.

  3. if (2) doesn’t help too, try reflash the beacon via USB DFU. Procedure of reflashing via DFU is described in Operating ,manual ( Firmware DFU file is placed in the same folder as hex in the software package.

Thank you for your feedback and giving your ideas how to proceed.

Unfortunately all three approaches are not successful.

  1. Pressing ‘default’ resets to 915 MHz and channel 0. Putting back to 868 MHz seems adapts calculated to expected. But as soon as unpluged and replugged it is on strange high value again.

  2. This is how i typically switch system off after work. So does not help

  3. Followed instrcution in manual, setting clips etc… But the linked Software ‘DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.5_Setup.exe’ does not show any connection device in the list. Also re-plug and reset etc. does not help. SO no firmware update DFU possible.

Any other idea? Otherwise I will send it back to shop for guarantee.
Thanks in advance

Dear Lars,

could you please repeat the DFU update again? Maybe it hasn’t finished yet.

  • Either not installed the DFU program properly
  • Or not switched into the DFU mode, i.e. not exactly following the DFU reflashing
  • Or a driver wasn’t installed properly
  • Another option could be that some combinations of Windows + DFU programmer simply don’t work well. Recommendations - to check another Windows version or another version of the DFU programmer: 3.0.3, 3.0.4, 3.0.5, 3.0.6

Furthermore I would be very much appreciated if you could check the steps on a “good” beacon as well.

In case of needing any further assistance, please let me know!

Dear support,

thanks for your message. Based on above I retried the steps. Since we did not make dfuse working on WIndows we did same on linux. See screenshot below, DFU download successful.
After that in Marvel Dashboard conncetion okay, params read, but to be safe: reset/default/reset/default/reset.

But in the end it is the same: arkward calc. transm. frequency, no wake-up via radio possible.

Since it is a new product and all other four beacons are working well it seems that it is not software but hardware. I feel that the crystal oscillator might be broken…

So I will insist on a replacement, please.

Dear Lars,

thanks for for all the informations. Could you please do us one last favor and check the following below:

If DFU programming was fine, let’s see the Dashboard view. That shall be used for verification.


  • Screen shot of the “good” beacon USB connected
  • And screenshot of the “bad” beacon USB connected

Particularly, we need to see:

  • SW versions uploaded
  • Radio settings open
  • White labels of each

These informations are very interesting for the manufacturer as well to imrpove their products.

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend

Here are the screenshots once again:
Good Beacon 2 | Bad Beacon 5:

Gentlemen, it is a new device we bought recently. So it should work from the very beginning without spending hours (weeks) fixing failures.

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