Killed a servo (XM430-W350-T)

I have a XM430-W350-T here that I can still talk to, but that does not move. I use an Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 with Dynamixel Shield and corresponding library. The servo is configured to communicate at 1Mbps, and used to work well until it suddenly didn’t. Communication wise everything is fine, but switching on torque does not switch on torque…

I have also hooked it up to DynamixelWizard2 (using an U2D2) and run diagnostics, which I could post if I knew how to attach files to this post, but it basically shows the same. Communication is fine, but the thing doesn’t move.

What to do?

The issue seems to be strange. @Azib perhaps you can give some insights?

Dear @bjoerngiesler ,

I recommend that you open the servo and verify whether the internal motor is receiving power. Additionally, you can share your issue on the dedicated ROBOTIS forum, where experts can assist you with problems specifically related to servos.

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Wouldn’t this void my warranty?

You can find the instructions on how to execute firmware recovery on our e-manual (Click HERE to access the page).

Firmware recovery will change the settings back to when you first purchased the product and it is the best way to troubleshoot firmware-related issues.
If firmware recovery does not solve the problem, the motor or drive-related circuitry may be damaged. In this case, please proceed with RMA.

I did firmware recovery already. Unfortunately no change. That’s why I originally contacted MYBOTSHOP directly via email, who asked me to post here :slight_smile:

Dear @bjoerngiesler ,

To avoid voiding your warranty, it is recommended to initially share your issue on the dedicated hardware and software support forum for servo motors at Robotis. Opening the motor may have warranty implications, so it’s best to seek assistance from the knowledgeable community at Robotis before attempting any modifications.