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Issues with Sabertooth 2x60 controller boards

I have 3 sabertooth 2x60 boards and all are causing different issues.

Hardware Setup

I have already followed official troubleshoot guide by dimension engineering but no luck.


Channel 1 of the controller board works fine, I have tested with pwm mode aswell simplified serial mode but channel 2 doent work with the same hardware setup as shown here sabertooth_diagnose.

This board shows status light green but no motor motions are observed with same setup as shown for board1.

This board doesn not drive motors and no status light is observed.

Contact Dimension Engineering support for further troubleshooting instructions: or,

Disconnect all wiring from the Sabertooth. Take each one that you have and set all the DIPs to the ON (up) position, except #4 set to OFF. Apply DC voltage of 7-30V. How do the LEDs behave on each? How does the fan behave on each?

@MYBOTSHOP_Support After disconnecting all the wiring and applying the 12V, I have observed the following behaviours on all three boards.

Board 1

  1. Status light turns on (green) and stays on.
  2. Fan spins for 2-3 seconds and then stops


Board 2
Same behaviour as board 1

Board 3
Shows no response.

  1. No led lights
  2. No fan spinning
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