[Important Update] xArm Servo Firmware Upgrade to V4.0.16

Important Update for xArm Firmware - Action Required

Dear Community Members,

We are excited to share an important update regarding the xArm from UFACTORY Team.

We’ve recently rolled out a significant upgrade to the servo firmware, now at V4.0.16. This update primarily focuses on enhancing the overload protection algorithms for servo drives. By implementing these optimizations, we aim to provide better protection for the servo motors in each joint. Therefore, we highly recommend all our valued customers upgrade to the latest V4.0.16 servo version.

To facilitate the update process, we have prepared a comprehensive guide accessible via the following link:

Guide for Servo Firmware Update

Additionally, we kindly request that those using the 1304 version of the arm prioritize this upgrade. We have listed the specific 1304 versions that require this upgrade for your convenience.

Serial Number Servo Firmware Version:
XI130412C23L10 4.0.12
XI130412C23L17 4.0.12
XI130412C23L11 4.0.12
XI130412C23L1E 4.0.12
XI130412C23L16 4.0.12
XI130412C23L2E 4.0.12
XI130412C23L29 4.0.12
XI130412C23L25 4.0.12
XI130412C23L46 4.0.12
XF130412C23L13 4.0.12
XF130412C23L19 4.0.12
XF130412C23L18 4.0.12
XF130412C23L12 4.0.12
XF130412C23B1C 4.0.12
XF130412C23B24 4.0.12
XF130407C33B01 4.0.12
XF130407C33B03 4.0.12
XF130407C33B04 4.0.12
XF130407C33B02 4.0.12
XF130407C33L03 4.0.12
XF130407C33B0D 4.0.12
XF130405C33B21 4.0.12
XI130412C23B50 4.0.12
XF130407C33B13 4.0.12
XF130407C33B15 4.0.12
XF130407C33B0C 4.0.12
XF130407C33B09 4.0.14
XF130407C33B0E 4.0.14
XI130407C33B07 4.0.14
XI130407C33B08 4.0.14
XF130407C33L13 4.0.14
XF130407C33L11 4.0.14
XS130412C23B13 4.0.12
XS130412C23B12 4.0.12
XS130412C23B14 4.0.12
XI130405C33L1D 4.0.12

For tracking purposes, we would appreciate it if you could kindly report back to us once the upgrade has been completed.

Thank you for your attention to this important update, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.