Go1 won't start anymore

Hello all,

we bought the Go1 about a year ago. Last week it collapsed and went out while in normal use (running, no special duties). Since then it doesn’t start anymore.
The battery is fully charged and also shows “green” when inserted into the robot. After pressing the start combination, all the lights go out and nothing happens.

We ordered the Go1 on 20/03/2022 and received the invoice a few days later. We hope that we are still within the warranty period. Please feel free to send the order number later.
You can find the videos via our cloud: ownCloud

Thank you and best regards
the “Deutsches Museum Nürnberg”

Dear @DMN,

Do you have an additional battery that you could test the GO1 with?

Dear @DMN,

Please follow the instructions in this file and provide the date of the battery.

Hi there,

thanks for your fast reply. Unfortunately we don’t have an additional battery.
I tried to follow your instructions, but the Go1 doesn’t even start or boot, so i can’t connect it to the pc via the programme you sent.I have to stop after starting the “cktszsss32” programme.

Nothing happens.

Could you check if any of the power pins in the Go1 are twisted or damaged?

Short question please, do you have a second battery? May it is a battery fault?

All the power pins look fine

And unfortunately we don’t have a second battery.

Dear @DMN,

  1. Please connect a type-c cable to the GO1 charger with the battery attached as shown.

  1. Follow the instructions in this manual. The software is available here.

  2. Please send the feedback from the software.

Also, some additional comments from the manufacturer:

I suspect that there is an internal fault of the dog, because the go1 has no external power supply, so the internal problem cannot be ruled out.

I followed all the instructions. There is no response in the analysis tool. Might that be a sign that it is a battery fault?

Dear @DMN ,

The Go1 is now working fine and will be shipped to you soon. Attached here is the link to a small video demonstration of the fixed Go1.