Go1 state_sub no output

I am quite new in Go1 and Robotics in general.
I try to use the unitree_ros_to_real SDK. I am also able to move the robot with the example_walk.cpp from unitree after starting the Udp connection via real.launch.
I have a wired connection and working on my local machine when executing the examples.
Now I want some state data. After launching real.launch I started the state_sub.cpp. But I get no data output in the console. It seems nothing is published on the topic. Don`t I get data from the robot via Udp?

I guess I am missing something.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Bluebell,

We generally do not support directly the software of Unitree’s SDK as it is ever-evolving and being updated and we cannot keep tabs on each of the new features that are added. So I would advise submitting an email to support@mybotshop.de with your GithubID and purchase ID so that we can add you to our GO1 ROS repository. This is a wrapper for the GO1 Unitree’s SDK with additional features pertaining mainly to ROS Noetic/Foxy and provides much more ease of usability as compared to directly writing everything yourself.

As for your question, I need additional information such as if you are connected via ethernet/wifi/direct. Typically it “should” work, the state sub but it depends on several factors.

  1. Please check whether your GO1 hardware version and sports mode version coincide’s with the SDK that you are using.
  2. Depending on your network connection, please make sure that the connect IPs and Ports are provided as LAN and WiFi have different modes.

Hopefully, this helps.

Kind Regards,
S. O. Sohail