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GO1 quadruped, cannot see the firmware version


I am following the tutorial Controlling Unitree Robots with Unitree_legged_sdk - YouTube, and at 4min02s they show how to verify the Firmware version. In my case, App and Sport Mode both show versions, but Product, ID, Hardware and Firmware do not show any version (it shows “-”). Additionally, the battery is not detected and everything in the BMS tab is 0 or not detected. Is there any know fix for this?

More info: I am able to get the robot to walk from the phone, and see the joint states. Also, in case it helps (but I don’t need it): the programming tab doesn’t do anything, if I put programming blocks and run, nothing happens.

Thank you!

Hi @Rob,

We are looking into this, we will get back to you as soon as we find out what the issue is.

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Thank you! I’m seeing that in this video: 4、Application Demonstration - YouTube at 2:27, the app is in the same configuration, showing “-” where versions should be.

Is your GO1 edu version?

Yes it is the Edu version

I don’t know if it can help, but I just found out that:
Legged_sport version:1.32 (as shown after running sudo ./bin/Legged_sport -v)
Sport Mode version: 1.3.8 (as shown from the app)
App version: 1.5.2

Also, on the raspberry my file system is different from the one shown on the tutorial video linked above. I probably need to update it. Do I need to? if yes, is there a tutorial on how to upgrade the firmware?

I’ve talked to the manufacturers and they said that the hardware version and firmware version not showing is normal for the edu version. It is not recommended to upgrade the firmware of the GO1 but information has been added to the GO1 Docs. It should be updated in an hour.

If it is not recommended does it mean that unitree_legged_sdk would work even with older versions? Because on the repo of unitree_legged_sdk it’s written:

Legged_sport    >= v1.36.0
firmware H0.1.7 >= v0.1.35
         H0.1.9 >= v0.1.35

So my legged_sport version is older than the required. Also, how can I check the firmware version if it is not showing on the app?

So the normal mode for go1 should work with all the previous GO1 sdks but for the sports and new features added the latest SDK is recommended. The color coding on the power pin on top of the GO1 indicates the hardware version of the GO1.

I meant to say that the hardware should work with all previous sdks but you would have to update the hardware firmware to the latest one for more advanced features.

The docs has been updated

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