Go1 doesn't stand up after software update

Hello all,

I was trying to make my Go1 robot work with the latest sdk (v3.8.0) and thought of updating the robot using ‘Co_MainBoard_30.bin.zip’ file (image below). After updating, the robot doesn’t stand up after startup at all, it just keeps lying down. I have checked all legs and motors, and they are all fine. The motors start and I can hear them running but the Go1 doesn’t stand up and doesn’t respond to joystick controller. Has anyone faced such a situation before?

Is there a way to undo the update or factory reset Go1 that makes everything go to the original state?


Can you please share how are you powering the robot? Also at the time when the robot is started any cable like ethernet is plugged in?

1 short press followed by 1 long press on the battery pack power button.
No cables are plugged in at startup