Front right leg motor stopped working after 1 month of use! Unitree Go1

I purchased a Go1 Pro, and after only 1 month of use it no longer wants to get up, I researched and found here some tests to be done, and the temperature in the front right leg is really not reaching when I analyze the status.
I know it’s under warranty, but does anyone know if there’s anything to be done?

Hi @rafaelmoraes,

Could you perhaps explain at what point the GO1 stopped working? e.g. continuous running, or something of the sort? Also, it would be helpful if you could post a picture of the leg temperatures of the GO1.

In the meantime, there is an independent user-based community for GO1 which you can join here. They might be able to help or provide insights to your problem!

Good morning, thanks for getting back.

The images follow.

HI @rafaelmoraes,

usually when all motors of each leg are reporting 0°C the first cable which is going from the body to the motor is having a fault. Maybe the power or RS485 Interface is getting broken. Because the motors are connected in a daisy chain, all motors won’t be powered/connected anymore, if the first motor lost his connection to the MCU. Therefore I would recommend checking the cables.

This issue usually comes up, when the legs operated outside their angles - e.g. when the robot crashed and the leg was rotated to much.

Please check this post: Unitree Go1 robot is not staning up anymore [Troubleshooting Guide]