Firmware update My Actuator RMD X6 S2

Trying to update the firmware of the MyActuator RMD X6 S2 motors, but there is no information available about the software, process or even firmware to that.
It was all working OK with Arduino MCP2515 CAN module - ESP8266 controller, and one day, CANbus communication of the motor died, but the Debugging Software MyactuatorGUI_V2.1(EN) works, also, when the CAN configuration changes (ID and Kbps), but the main program doesn’t work.

Tried to do this:

but no information about updating firmware process

Hi Dear
can you send a pic of the motor?does it have a DIP switch?
and how is the status of the LED light?
if you can send a video ot show the problem,that will be better.