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Feed rate in bCNC vs stepper driver

Have installed Raspberry PI 3.0 + CNC board + bCNC to my DIY CNC machine. When setting the feed rate I have screws feeding 4 mm/rev and motors with 200 pulses/rev. In other words 50 pulses/mm. When setting micro stepping driver to 1600 (x8) it works fine when setting 200 pulses/mm in bCNC configuration. However when stepping up to 3200 micro stepping (x16) I just get 25% of the feed with the same settings in bCNC. I expected to get 50% feed rate.
I calculated the bCNC setting to 400 pulses/mm for x8 and 800 pulses/mm for x16. Do I need help with my math or is there any general error in my configuration?

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