Cubemars AK 80-9 motor not working

I recently purchased the Cubemars AK 80-9 motor and I do not have the R Link.
I tried a simple can cummunication code and the motor did not change any color.
I wanted to know if it is necessary to first use the R Link to start up the motor?

Dear @amelia,

I would have to look this up. @Azib maybe you can check!

Dear @amelia

I hope that you are doing well.

Regrettably, I lack experience with the AK 80-9 motor. However, I suggest consulting the two documents provided below to gain insight into the necessary requirements for operating the motor.

Hello @Azib,

Thank you for you reply.
Both the motors get initialized now but I still do not have any receive message from the CAN communication. Could you know the reason to this?

Dear @amelia

I apologize for any inconvenience, but unfortunately, I lack sufficient knowledge about these motors and am unable to assist you in this matter.