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Controlling GO1 Edu in low level mode

I am trying to start the example_position from the unitree_legged_sdk package. In the manuals it is written that to turn on the robot on low level mode it should be hanging when booting, with the feet far from the body. I do this, but when it boots it starts moving very brutally the legs in one direction until the end of range of motion (always). Then (half of the time) it turns off. What am I doing wrong?


Did you actually enable the “normal mode”?

  1. Boot the robot as usual
  2. Press L2 + A twice to lower the Robot
  3. Press L2 + B to release the joints
  4. Press L1 + L2 + Start to switch into “normal mode”
  5. Suspend the robot
  6. Run your programs

Thank you! This solved my issue.

@MYBOTSHOP_Support, I think this should be added in the manual, because, I just looked up in all the manuals and didn’t see it (only in the video).

I’m glad I was able to help!
Does this solve your other issue too?

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No the other issue is still there.
For people landing on this thread, my other issue is described on this other thread.

The video was already linked in the quadruped docs under the manuals with the hyperlink GO1 Unitree SDK Tutorial . We are planning on releasing a driver soon that should cover these issues.

@Sohail As far as v0.5 of the driver goes, low-level communication isn’t implemented yet.
I implemented that today by myself and am now going to test it probably next week.

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