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Controler for rotary solenoid

I am completely new to robotics, so if you can tell me the names of things I am looking for or recommend suitable tutorials that would be already very helpful.

I would like to build an automated optical shutter to interrupt a laser beam.

I had the idea that a rotary solenoid would be useful onto which a piece of metal can be screwed. The rotary motion pushes the piece of metal into the laser beam so that the beam hits the piece of metal and is thus blocked. I would like to know what I need to control a rotary solenoid (with a labview programme).
For the motor I only need two positions: on and off.
For the rotary solenoid I have something like this in mind:

Dear @IonEater,

thanks for opening a topic.

Unfortunately we are not familiar with the mentioned item from farnell, but what I can see, the solenoid is needing most probably some kind of driver and interface to your system. Furthermore you don’t get any feedback if it has reached his position.

What I could recommend e.g. is an DYNAMIXEL Actuator: DYNAMIXEL XC430-W150-T | MYBOTSHOP.DE, 99,95 € Inside the motor is already everything what you are needing. So just connect the Power and send & read the datas… XC430-W150-T

Furthermore all DYNAMIXEL are already supporting labview so no need of writing packages on your own: DYNAMIXEL SDK

I’m hoping this helped and If I missed anything just let me know :wink:

thank you, that is helpful. What do I need to connect the motor to a computer by USB in order to control the motor?

Hi @IonEater,

you just need an U2D2: ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL U2D2 | MYBOTSHOP.DE, 52,95 €

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