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Control A1 robot via Android App

Hello !

I’m currently working on making an android app that could communicate with an A1 robot. The idea would be to run python files via ROS and I’m wondering if anyone knows of something similar that might have been done.
I’m wondering wether I should try to use the app as a ROS node and send python files from it (but the problem is that the ROS environment that I have to communicate with the robot was made for Linux), or if I should rather find a way to connect to the robot’s board with terminal commands (connect to the robot via an ssh command that would be triggered when the user would click a button, and run python files that would be on the robot via other buttons)

If anyone has an idea or know something that might help me, I would love to know !

Hello ! Some news, I’ve found a way to control the robot using JSch for Android.

However, I would like to get the Realsense feedback and I don’t really know how to achieve that. I know it’s possible since the Unitree App does it, but I don’t really know to configure the whole thing. If anyone has any idea, I’d love to hear it !

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