[Clearpath Turtlebot-4] Oak-d Camera topics missing

I am working with turtlebot4 on an object detection project. I want to access its oak-d camera but the issue I face is, the camera topics appear when the turtlebot boots up and within 2-3 seconds the topics go missing and I am unable to access the camera.

I do not get any error messages. Just that the camera topics does not show up when I do “ros2 topic list” after 2-3 seconds after bootup.

Has anyone faced or heard this issue before? Your advice would help! Thank you!

Dear @Anish,

Are you connected to the Turtlebot 4 via WiFi or Ethernet cable?

Hey @Sohail ,
I have connected via WiFi. I would want the robot to move freely without any wires attached from it so!

Could you please verify by connecting to LAN and check if it is coming in there! WiFi and unconfigured DDS are known to have issues in transmitting lidar and camera image streams.

Yes. I shall check that out and get back. Thank you for the suggestion.

But can turtlebot suddenly stop transmitting camera topics? Until last week, I was getting constant camera feed and I could see the camera topics whenever the robot is powered ON (connected with WiFi). Suddenly now, the robot stops publishing the camera topics! (with no configuration changed)

The topic is not showing up, or the data is not showing up. Also last week when it was running did you confirm that the image stream data was coming? Also was it over WiFi, onboard PC or ethernet?

Now both data (image stream) and topic stops showing up after 5 seconds after bootup. Before, yes image data stream was coming up via rqt_image_view command. It was over WiFi.

Please check if the nodes are not dying on startup via the ros2 node list and/or they are not going into inactive state.

Sure, thank you! I will get back on that.

Hey @Sohail,

The issue is resolved. Like you mentioned, the camera nodes were inactive when the robot was docked. This is to save energy and speed up charging. When I undocked the robot, the topic returned!

Thank You for the support! :slightly_smiling_face:

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