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Can't upload on OpenCR board

Hey there,

I try to upload a program on my openCR board. With several windows computers I don’t even get a connection (at least most of the time, sometimes it DOES work, same with both boards). When it doesn’t work whatever ever I do, I can’t find the serial port. I updated all drivers etc. There simply comes a windows note, that there is a problem with the device.
When I connect the board with my Mac, a port is found. Sometimes I can upload one program. If I try again I always get the following message:

Compilation complete.
opencr_ld ver 1.0.2

file name : /private/var/folders/7t/wvrhw4h10p1gt5yrym_fk3h40000gn/T/arduino-sketch-70C582FF89506347EA3186EEC90068F3/torque.ino.bin
file size : 62 KB
Open port OK
Clear Buffer Start
Clear Buffer End

cmd_read_board_name fail : 0xF020
Upload error: Failed uploading: uploading error: exit status 1

I followed the instruction on
and watched the YouTube videos. I selected the right board and all libraries are installed.

I’ve tried with several USB cables (I am pretty sure they are data cables)

What else can I do?

With best regards,


Dear Andrea,

thanks for your message and sorry for hainvg troubles!

The used STM uC is a proper MCU which has two ports. One is the bootloader, the other one is the space for the Code. May you can send us a screesnhot of your Arduino IDE which is showing the ports?

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