Can't get video stream of A1 Robot

Hello, I recently got an A1 Robot from Unitree Robotics but can’t access its video stream. I’ve tried both on their app and on Linux but their documentation to access the stream of the depth camera is specific to Rasberry Pi, which I don’t have. And I can connect to the controller and to the wifi hotspot of the robot on my phone but still can’t stream what the robot sees (though i can see the movements of the controller).
Thanks for your help !

Dear all,

thanks for opening a topic.

Could you please tell me where & when you’ve purchased your robot? Furthermore could you please tell us your S/N so we can check which configuration and software stack was used? (Please feel free to send us an email instead of publishing on the forum)

Good Day, to me your installation seems to work fine as the driver atleast run(a guide for Nvidia board is available here by relasense). Here I would like to mention one thing that the Realsense device is connected to Nvidia board so you have to run the driver from the Nvidia board. Because there is no ROS driver is running by default on the board. You wont get any device as nothing is connected to your machine. I can suggest you the following solutions at the moment:

Run the perception driver on Nvidia board becase that is meant for processing. If you want to get all the camera feed to your remote PC either you can use ROS multi machine communication(Network configuration) and get everything from Nvidia to your remote PC or you can export the ports from your Nvidia board and use on your remote PC. A guide can be followed from here. With slight modification in device configuration this thing should work for you as well.

About the problem for getting the camera stream I will get back to you after having an update from our partner.