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CAN interface not working on Cubemrs AK10-9 KV60


I have some Cubemrs AK10-9 KV60 motors with non responsive CAN interface. I have replaced the main board on the motor with a new one. The CAN worked with new board but after trying with velocity values it stops responding again.

Any idea, what could be wrong?



@Joy please support!

Which version of the driver boards are you replaced?
Maybe the dios are broken by some interference which we do not know here.

Hi @Darrell,

thanks for your message.

Zainroid is testing the AK Motor drivers which were shipped from @Joy to us. Pictures attached.

Oh, I see. This is the latest version board.
I do not think it is hardware issue.

If it’s not a hardware issue, how to solve it?

@Darrell @Joy May you could give us a reply/solution?

I can not say. Maybe the wrong command or operation made the deriver board dead.
Or maybe the wire connection is loose.

HI Darrell,

I have checked the wiring connections again and they look fine. What exactly do you mean by wrong command? Only used velocity command with increasing and decreasing values.

@Darrell @Joy

could you please assist Zainroid? He would like to fix his broken AK10-9 motors but without any reply he can’t do so!

Support would be very much appreciated!

You need to soldering motor three phase wires to the board. And the temp sensor wire and encoder wire to the board.
Then you need to run the motor via Rlink.

If you have everything ready and test, we can have a concall, if you needed.

Thanks @Darrell Darell! I have talked with Zainey and he has done so! He has several broken AK10-9 and we have ordered several V2.1 Boards as reaplcements. Do you think this board is having a hardware fault again and Zainey should solder one more? @Joy how about exchanging the board if its broken again?

Dear @Darrell @Joy just a kind reminder! Could you please assist Zainey? And reply on my questions?

Hi @MYBOTSHOP_Support I confirm that the hardware of the V2.1 is OK. No need to exchange the PCB.
@Zainroid Do you know how to calibrate the encoder, if not, pls view the link from our website.

I will be out of office following days this week. If you still need a concall, we can set it early next week.

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