Cable replacement on GO1

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I have a specific question for UNITREE GO1 cable replacements.
Between the joints and the legs the cable replacement is not as complicated, but I have no idea reggarding the replacement of cables comming from the body itself.
Do you have any experience in replacement those ones.
I attach a picture for clear understanding.

Thank you for your help in advance
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Hi @Balazst,

I think @Azib has changed it before, maybe you can elaborate.

Hi @Balazst ,

In order to substitute the cable running through the interior of the robot, it will be necessary to disassemble it beginning from the top. Furthermore, you’ll need to take out the screws positioned at the rear, which hold the back hip motor in place, enabling you to detach the old wires and attach the new ones.

Dear All,

Thanks for the answer. All in all I have to remove the cover to get the cables.
I guess It would be a more complicated ‘surgery’ like the other cable exchanging.

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