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Benewake TFmini Plus DOA

I bought a Benewake TFmini Plus I2C UART (12m) (MBS-SES-60) from you but I think its a dead on arrival.
I have tested it on the Pixhawk 2.1 GPS2 port and with a TTL USB connection on the serial port but I get absolutely no output
I am 100% sure the cabling for the UART is OK. Picture attached.

Dear Bart,

could you please send us a second Image where we can see which wire was connected to which port?

I’m afraid you cannot see. a few leads on the Telemetry cable of the Cube. But I’m sure I have the right once

PS, I also swapped the power with a 5V BEC just in case the Cube sufferd of low power +/- 0.5V

@Bart I am Ibrahim from Benewake. I want you to confirm few things:
Which firmware are you using ArduPilot or PX4 ? Have you configured it? Can you share the details of parameters you set ?
Please pay attention not to reverse the GND and +5V wires as LiDAR has no reverse polarity protection otherwise you will damage the LiDAR.
Rx of LiDAR is connected to Tx to controller and VICE VERSA ?
Can you see faint red light inside the LiDAR ?

@ibrahim0007 Hi Ibrahim,
It’s the Pixhaxk 2.1 (Cube) with the 4.0 FW version.
I have checked 1.000 timed the correct params :slight_smile:
I have also tried your WINCC_TF.exe application with a FTDI USB TTL interface without any result
I have never seen a red light inside the LiDAR sensor


the params


Your values look fine. Can you please share the serial number ?

If you have interchanged GND and +5V wires then I am afraid it is damaged.


@ibrahim0007Could you please give Bart an update how to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance!

@Bart hi can you please tell us whether you have interchanged the +5 and GND by mistaken ? or you just replaced the power source ?

@ibrahim0007, no, and what is “just replaced the power source”? As I wrote yesterday I’ve tried to get it to work with a 3S on a 5V BEC just in case the power distribution of the Pixhawk wasn’t enough.

But no bother, I just sourced a Lightware sensor because of the quality of your product.where your “Jasmine” insured me to use Benewake to be better quality than Lightware.

I n

OK dear don’t worry we will arrange a new sensor for you soon. sorry for the inconvenience

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