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Beginner simple question: motor to make something jump?

Does anyone have some basic suggestions where I should start looking if I want to create a jumping movement on a small light robotics project.

Dear idella,

thanks for creating a topic :slight_smile:

We have a small DYNAMIXEL Overview on our website:
Could you please tell us some more informations concerning your project, e.g. how will the robot look like and what does it weight? At the moment I would recommend the XH430 or XH540 Series because the XH Series is developed for high durability so they shouldn’t go into error condition or gets broken :slight_smile:

More informations would be very much appreciate and wish you a happy robot day :robot:

Thanks. The robot will be made of paper. The weight will be as light as possible but can be made heavier and more sturdy in order to support motor if that is needed. The intended motion is like that of a frog, but not important to be exact.

I could imagine one solution being a very small motor that turns very slow. Attached to it could be a flexible material with some tension (such small plastic that is half flexible). The motor turns this and to add some spring a point of resistance is introduced into the circumference of the turn so that the elastic element builds tension until it passes the wall and then snaps passed like a spring at some point.
My current thought is to find the smallest low spead motor and have it slowly turn a material that initially hits a pin or point of resistance, and as the motor turns more tension is added until it moves beyond the point of resistance and it springs.

In that case I would recommend using two XL430-W250-T and give them a try. If the speed is too slow or the force to less than I would check out one stronger or faster DYNAMIXEL. But if you would like to build a very lightweight robot than I would choose the XL430 because this DYNAMIXEL has a plastic body so the weight/force ratio should be better for your project compared to the XH430.

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