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AK80-6 v2.0 firmware

All, does anyone have a copy of the AK80-6 v2.0 firmware? I’m frustrated that I can’t get a recent download from Cubemars themselves.

Hi, thanks for your topic.

@Joy @Darrell could you please assist him and share the hex file & param file here?

Hi Ammarburg
I wish to know which version of the driver board, V2.0 or V2.1.
You can open the cap of the driver board and check the silkprinting easily.
Then we can send the right firmware to you.
BTW, why you need to get the firmware, normally the firmware is already flashed into the board before going out of facility.

Hi Darrell,
Ha, we’ve been speaking over email about my issues. I was looking to see if I could get the firmware from anyone else. I currently have 2.0 boards and believe I can make two good AK80-6 motors by moving boards between different motor bodies; but need to reflash the firmware with the AK80-6 constants.

Hi @ammarburg
Maybe you can try to use the STLINK to flash the following hex file into the driver board.
Could you sent you email to me? So I can sent the hex file to you.

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