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Access Raspberry on quadruped Go1


Short story: I am trying to get access to the raspberry on the GO1 Edu but there is a password there which I cannot find anywhere, is there any documentation about it?

Longer story: I try to use the sdk of the robot. To do this I followed the manual which provides several possibilities to access the robot’s computers, i.e., either through WIFI, which gives directly access to the raspberry (but my laptop doesn’t support 5Ghz WIFI so it doesn’t work), or by using an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable connection gives access to the “switch”, from where I can access all 3 Nanos with ssh, which all have the same password, but the raspberry has a different password. I tried all the standard passwords I could think of, do you have it written somewhere?

Thank you!

Dear @Rob,

thanks for opening a topic.

The RPi can’t be accessed - This MCU is used to control the motors and/or run the gaits for the Joystick, App etc. You can just send/read data to the RPi but not modifiying the code which is running on it.

May I ask why you would like to get access? Are you just intersted in what’s going on or do you have any application in your mind for which you are needing access?

Thank you for the answer,

Well my end goal is to control each actuator independently and program my own gaits. For the first step in my investigation I followed the sdk manual which states “open the terminal in the unitree_legged_sdk folder” and then build and make it, and finally go run the example in it:
sudo ./example_position

And according to the communication chart, the unitree_legged_sdk is located in the RPi. Am I wrong or missing a step?

Dear @Rob,

most probably the manual is incorrect - You can access each joint with the NVIDIA Board to process the dynamic gait planning. As mentioned above you are able send/read data from RPI but not able to get access.

@Sohail @Tahir may anybody is having a much more precise answer? With Example?

Hi @Rob,
unitree_legged_sdk you have to install on your personal computer or the host machine on your side. On robot are usually the only binaries so you really don’t need to do anything with them. Just run the examples on host(i.e. your computer or nanos). Also as the communication is network based so make sure the robot is discoverable i.e. host machine and the robot should be on the same network.

Sure you can @MYBOTSHOP_Support. The username is pi, and the password is 123. Sudo password for root is also 123.

Have fun @Rob

Thank you everyone for your answers!

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